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The Support Desk ticketing system which links into the main client database allows clients to email or call in with an issue and receive a reference log immediately. Tickets are sometimes classified with degrees of urgency, but if entered onto the system as “non urgent”, naturally rise in priority as time passes with triggered reminders being sent to the engineer assigned to the job (and their manager) on a regular basis to keep them on their toes!

Often client hardware is delivered to be preconfigured and built as far as possible before dispatching to site for final implementation. For many clients, this is highly beneficial due to the space required for this stage in a project, the noise of fans when the units are open and the relative “unknown” as to the length of the configuration given this is the most likely point where failures (both hardware & software) occur holding up a project.

The NOC is where the Server Engineers and Support Desk team base themselves which fits in well with the test bed and has great benefits to the business if a complex problem is being investigated round the corner.

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