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Backbone works with a number of the leading equipment distributors in the UK and can source virtually any brand of anything clients require…..or desire!

More importantly, we help clients on a consultancy basis with finding the right product and specification for their needs. So often we walk into a prospective client’s offices to find they have been advised atrociously and the hardware is either far too weak or desperately over specified for their needs. Our business is to work with retained clients, grow with them and ensure their IT strategy is optimised and stable and not to make money from procurement whether that be licensing, hardware or peripherals. As a result, we fundamentally believe we have our customers’ interests at heart when submitting quotations.

Another reason for our procurement arm is that it takes away all the administrative burden that goes with placing orders and the repricussions in the years to come. We do all the fighting when kit is delivered late or to the wrong location; we organise the returns when equipment arrives broken or damaged; we register the warranties; we submit claims two years later when the item stops working and handle all the paperwork and correspondences that accompany that.

Furthermore, we do not charge a consultancy or handling fee! To cover this, we mark up the cost of the equipment a little, but this is normally offset to a large extent by the pricing we are able to negotiate with our buying power.

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