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One of the key components of our support contracts is a frequent maintenance visit. The precise frequency of this will vary according to the service levels that clients decide to invest in as well as the size of the network and the demands of the users. 

We believe it to be vitally important that networks are proactively maintained and serviced and by working in a preventative fashion, client networks are most definitely more trouble free and stable. We often find conflicts or corruptions when visiting clients, and these are almost always dealt with before the users even become aware of them. In addition to the proactive maintenance that we insist upon, our clients also feedback how useful it is to have their account manager onsite from time to time so that they can obtain a little training, hear about new technologies that may benefit them.

All clients at Backbone are retained and it is important to note that we do not undertake any one off projects. Our retained clients have two levels of contract available to them: 

Standard Backbone Proactive Support Contract This provides the client with regular visits with a proactive approach to maintainence, free access to the Support Desk and Field Engineer team on call whenever they need. Normally the client will have a certain number of hours available to them included in their contract and will then pay for any additional time.

Fully Managed All-Inclusive Support Contract, provides the client with all of the above but no matter how often we are needed onsite, there is no cost for support related matters.

Increasingly, we are seeing businesses adopting the Fully Managed Contract on the basis that although more expensive, it is in everyone’s interest:

Crucially, it puts Backbone “on the spot” to ensure that the network is 100% stable: the more often we have to dispatch an engineer the less profitable we become. It gives the client a fixed annual cost for IT support with no unexpected hidden fees.

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