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There are two forms of mobile connectivity we work with:


BlackBerry devices allow mobile users to access communications and information wirelessly, including: Email; Corporate data; Instant messaging; Phone; Internet and intranet access; MMS and SMS; andOrganizer.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 with ActiveSync.

Exchange ActiveSync offers Direct Push Technology, enabling a seamless push e-mail experience for compatible devices. Exchange ActiveSync uses an encrypted HTTPS connection, established and maintained between the device and the serverto push new e-mail messages, schedules, contact information, and tasks to the device. Synchronization is extremely fast, with enhanced data compression that enables rapid sending and receivingof messages.pda

Both of these work in a similar fashion by pushing email through to the handheld and each have their pro’s and con’s. The principal benefit of the Microsoft offering is that there are no software costs associated with the offering providing the client email server isExchange 2003 SP2.

Some of the benefits of BlackBerry include security of emails sent, superior data compression for sending / receiving and resilience in the event of a device being lost.

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