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With the Internet one of the key components on any client network, we believe it to be vital you choose the right supplier, have the correct redundancy and understand the differences between all the variances of supply in the market today. It is a complex minefield and when it goes wrong, often the cause of severe balding of the scalp!

At Backbone, we manage this entire process for you. We will assist you in finding the optimum service for your needs, and then manage the relationship on your behalf (part of our “one stop shop approach).

internetThis service includes liaising with the ISP in the event of a service disruption and providing the client with regular updates, careful management of DNS records, domain additions and renewals, backup records and more. Sometimes clients will be happy with their incumbent ISP which is perfectly fine by us as it is certainly not a necessity to change to a Backbone preferred supplier and the service received will be little different. The most obvious difference in choosing an ISP with us should the need be there, is that we have direct entries and escalation procedures into a number of key suppliers which can sometimes assist us in ensuring a better and more prompt resolution should downtime occur.

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