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With the market place as competitive as it is we take the pricing of our recommended solutions very seriously. There are the following three principle elements to any proposal:

1. hardware and software
2. the installation of the solution
3. ongoing service contract

The hardware and software is sourced from leading UK distributors and as such is competitively priced.

We offer you two options when it comes to purchasing equipment:

1. Subscribe to our trade scheme which is an annual subscription based on the anticipated amount of business you expect to place.  This demonstrates total transparency and members of this scheme receive all quotes and orders at cost with an agreed fixed mark up added to the bottom.

2. Utilise the team as you would any supplier and base your decision as to whether to accept our quote principally on the following:  price, availability, clarity & accuracy of the quote, professionalism and speed of turnaround.

Any installation work that is required is priced on an activity basis so that you are clear as to the work that is required. Again using our detailed project templates we price projects based on the resource that we will require to implement any solution that you require. We can either invoice you on a fixed fee basis or time and materials depending on your preference.

The ongoing service contract is priced based on an assumed level of activity which is built through our detailed understanding of other clients as well as the level of service that you are looking for. There are three key components. These are remote support that users will require from our Support Desk; how frequently onsite maintenance visits are required; and the number of hours of call outs we include.

Given our focus on service we will gladly share our assumptions so that you can understand how the pricing is built up. For example call outs can be perceived as a high cost, but Backbone needs to not only include the cost of any time that is spent onsite but also the opportunity cost related to managing the call out from our NOC as well as the time to travel to site, which is not charged separately.

Finally the more detail prospective clients provide us of their available budget and operational priorities, the more we are able to provide a commercial proposal that is targeted at their specific requirements.

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