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Network monitoring - this will involve an engineer initially installing a dedicated workstation that runs an application that will look a not only the performance of the network but a number of other key indicators. This application will collect data from the network and assess the output against thresholds, which then enables us to identify areas of concern;

Engineer visit - whilst onsite installing the network monitoring tool, we also carry out a physical inspection to gather information not covered by the monitoring such as the state of the cabling, the physical layout of the equipment, number of backup tapes in use and much much more! Where possible, the engineer will also spend some time with some of the users to understand what they see as the key issues as well as how they work and whether there are gaps in the tools that they have that could enhance their productivity.

Written report - this stage involves members of Backbone’s technical team examining the findings with an internal debriefing. The report will focus on identifying key risks, general weaknesses and pressure points. Backbone looks at making its recommendations based on our view of best practice and will write a report summarising the findings.

We then meet the prospective client to go through the report and our findings as well as to potentially prioritise our recommendations if there is a limited budget in the current financial year.

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