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Initial Meeting
Following an initial contact with a prospective customer, we normally suggest a meeting to be the next step so we can explore together and “tease out” the issues and requirements that generated the interest in our services.

Network Order
In most cases we will then follow this up with a detailed network audit looking at the entire from the hardware being run, to the key applications as well as the overall configuration. This involves the following three elements:

  Network monitoring
  Engineer visit
  Written report

The purpose of this audit is threefold the first is to enable you to understand and prioritise potential issues that you have within your network; secondly for Backbone to be able to take a view as to whether they will be able to deliver their service based on your existing set up; and thirdly to be frank at the outset so that both parties are able to assess the basis on which they might work together.

With the market place as competitive as it is we take the pricing of our recommended solutions very seriously.  There are the following three principle elements to any proposal:  hardware and software; the installation of the solution; and the ongoing service contract.

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Once a client is fully comfortable with our approach and capabilities we will then look at completing credit checks and signing a contract. It is likely that any implementation or installation will either involve Backbone implementing a new network or taking over from an existing service provider.

Whichever the scenario we have significant experience. We will take a structured approach that will involve gathering all information well in advance of us taking on a client site for ongoing support.  We do this by working closely with an appointed member of the staff on the client site to deliver all projects as well as the handover from an existing supplier should it be required.

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