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Virtual Hosted Solutions from Backbone
Backbone also provides managed hosted solutions via our Roadtowork.com platform.

Roadtowork is hosted in a highly secure and robust data centre with very high levels of physical (includes biometric testing) and network security.

Key applications are shared on a common platform in a secure way and specific applications used by clients are mounted onto dedicated servers.
Click here for more information and some of the key benefits of Roadtowork.

Typical customers to Roadtowork are the following:

  Startups looking at alternative ways to making the initial capital investment required
  for hardware, software and the peripherals.
  Businesses with an existing but ageing infrastructure that need to upgrade
  Businesses with a basic network needing better functionality such as email to a
  handheld, remote access, calendar sharing and so on.

Hosted Desktop
Hosted Desktop users have access to all applications they would expect in their day to day work. Simply logon to the platform and away you go!

Hosted Voice
Road To Work Business Connect provides secure hosted telephony services, enabling businesses of all sizes to realise the benefits of communication systems that are only normally available to much larger enterprises.

Mail & Mobility
Our Road To Work Hosted Exchange service is primarily for users that want email on the move and cannot justify the vast expense of installing the infrastructure themselves. It combines email with the ActiveSync Technology platform and gives users a fully wireless driven solution that synchronizes every aspect of your mailbox from the inbox, to the sent items, to the calendar and contacts.

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