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Businesses outsource their IT requirements because they either do not have the technical expertise in house or they need more depth, but IT is so critical and complex to their success today that they often need more than traditional reactive support.

One of the roles that we fulfil to our clients is to advise them on their network and technical strategy to ensure that it fits with delivery their overall business strategic direction. This role is ongoing and often reviewed annually (sometimes more frequently), but is usually most in depth when Backbone first starts managing a new client network.

Meeting with the high level decision makers enables us to see a clear picture of the client’s direction, their priorities and consult on the best ways that technology can play a part in improving efficiencies and thereby profits.

We will look at:

  the existing systems and analyse how they can be best used.
  new technology and its business benefit specific to the client.
  analyse risk in terms of security from the outside (hackers, spyware etc)
  the inside risk(internal data theft, virus infection etc), and much more

Whatever materialises as a result of these analyses, Backbone will then ensure that the management, implementation and delivery of any projects is carried out on time and within the sign off budget agreed to ensure that the key criteria in any project, the Return on Investment, is optimised.

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