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We see the management of any client relationship as being critical.  In addition to the technical support you will also be allocated an account manager based in the office who will not only manage issues that you require help on but also assist you with any commercial or strategic projects that you might be working on such as the deployment of a remote access solution given a pre-defined budget.

The account manager will handle any ongoing client issues. In the event that they are unavailable you will be able to contact the Operations Team, which consists of 3 Managers. Technical – Clients are all allocated an appropriately trained and experienced Field Engineer who will have the most detailed understanding of your network. They will be responsible for undertaking your maintenance visits and attending site, where possible should you require an unscheduled call out. 

We would also expect to rotate your account manager annually to build up our coverage. Infrastructure – Working alongside the technical account manager is the Infrastructure account manager who is responsible for ensuring that the core setup remains stable, secure and optimised. 

This is most often a Server Engineer and it would be this person who would be assigned to you should a major problem occur as he would know the network better than any of his peers. 

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