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We monitor our client sites using our 24x7 software which in turn allows us to fix issues remotely outside of office hours, which is another key differentiator of Backbone. Many IT support companies will claim to have a 24x7 monitoring service, but very few can actually do anything about it if a problem is identified.

We also run our test bed which is a key “behind the scenes” part of our service in that it gives us the ability to try out latest software updates and patches on simulated sites, investigate the suitability of new software and run tests on hardware, linked closely with the test bed is our build area.

What makes our monitoring unique, is that we actually take action when a problem is identified.  Behind our 24x7 monitoring NOC, we have a team of engineers available to attend to any problem that may occur requiring attention.  Without meaning to knock the competition too much(!), very few companies have a true 24hr proactive service and we see this to be essential with today’s dependence on IT.

Additionally, the 24hr manpower can be particularly useful in when it comes to applying critical patches to client’s systems.  More and more patches of a critical nature are coming out and with a greater frequency too, and unless applied can leave client networks massively vulnerable.

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