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At Backbone, we are proud to take a leading stance on environmental issues and acknowledge the importance of practicing this internally and also externally through educating our customers and key suppliers. It is vital that every business and every individual focuses on this topic in today’s delicate world. Every little helps and listed below are some of the steps we have taken internally and continue to take externally amongst our clients.

We use energy and water efficiently to optimise our use of natural resources
according to research carried out by Sine Nomine Associates in 2007, the power requirements of the blade servers we operate in our hosted desktop environment, Roadtowork.com, are 30% lower than traditional servers.

We have no company vehicles whatsoever and 99% of all onsite business is carried out via public transport, principally the London Underground network and the buses.

We educate our customers on the merits of video conferencing and actively encourage this to save on the carbon footprint and also improve individuals efficiency.

We encourage the use of duplex printing, electronic document management (to reduce the paper onsite), turning off of monitors, lights and computers at night.

We encourage the purchase of power efficient computer equipment and try to ensure that our key suppliers and contractors are aware of our policy, and wherever possible, they operate to similar standards as a minimum

We endeavour to recycle waste, in particular paper and cardboard and never stop working towards improving customer and staff awareness of the delicacies of the environment we live amongst and strive continuously to improve our environmental performance.

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